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October 09, 2017

Q: Describe your first memory of fabric. What was it? The colour? The sensations?
A: When I was about 5 years old I distinctly remember my mom's hand-wheel Singer sewing machine. Over weekends, she’d spend her spare time making curtains with loads of mint fabric - proper 90’s style – strewn all over the house. The best was the shocking pink and purple/blue tie backs that she has plaited to like koeksisters. These minty curtains are still around and my mom still has them up in our house and they still give me the feeling of safety and security every time I come home.
Q: Both your Autumn/ Winter and Spring/ Summer collections last year have a hallmark of both simple lines and beautiful muted colours. Does this harmony reflect something internal that you are striving to communicate in the physical world?
A: Our hand-dyed hemp fabric in muted colours to suit the particular season exudes harmony, and this reflects my drive to be at peace with the universe and myself. Many people obtain harmony in different ways and I feel that through design, I find this sense of balance and strive to reflect it in all our capsule collections.
Q: When mapping your creative journey with design, do you look outwards and /or inwards?  How does the process work for you?
A: The creative process is both an inward and outward journey. Inwardly I need to love myself unconditionally, imbuing all I do with positive energy, good intentions, love and compassion. This is key to my integrity and creating a collection that is authentic. Outwardly, I love perceiving the world in new ways and finding hidden
patterns in my daily life.
Q: In the fast paced world of fashion, how important if it to ‘know thyself’? Is it relevant to listen to the voice within?
A: We need to shed our wrong and unreal patterning and concepts, thoughts and beliefs and open ourselves to a new way of being that is more conscious, in tune with that inner voice and in sync with your surrounds.
Q: We all talk about growth .. emotional, spiritual, creative.  For you as a woman and a designer, when do you experience the greatest growth. Is it in moments of brokenness, stillness, inspiration?  
 A: When I have balance in my life, I find that my creativity flows at its optimum. Brokenness can unhinge me. What’s important to me is setting goals in every area of my life, making time to realise myself on a daily basis. Most of all be willing to take risks. That’s when I need that inner voice to give me strength and confidence to throw caution to the wind and go for it!