Sirene earrings

Sirene is an ode to the mermaids' song. Mermaids and other mythical creatures featured in our childhood imaginings. They were more than just fantasy, but mythology inviting our young minds into the lessons of our tribe. Mermaids call us in with a celestial serenade to hear the the deeper songs of our purpose, intuition and divine feminine. What has been calling you? What knowing keeps on repeating in your consciousness. Honour this deep knowing from childhood, and follow their song.
Material Detail
Custom brass and fresh water pearl stud with titanium non allergic pins, white shells and beads finished with flat coin fresh water pearls and gold oval beads.
Jewelers brass is composed of Copper and Zinc. Brass has metaphysical healing properties to boost the immune system and give courage.
Freshwater pearls are produced by mussels living in lakes and riverbeds over a period of five to seven years. Their distinctive surface texture, whimsical shapes and warm luster, gives them a unique charm.
Trade beads are precious glass, horn, bone and ceramic beads that were circulated among the African and European trade routes. They were originally used as currency between Europe and Africa dating back to the 17th century. Current African trade beads are a mix of antique tribal pieces as well as more recent reproductions. These beads are relics of tribal trade and often include hand markings, irregularities in finishing natural patinas and tool marks
This product weighs 12g and is 7cm long.
*Please allow an extra 3-4 days for production.
The Pichulik Select Collection is synonymous with custom-shaped brass and gold elements, embellished with fresh water pearls and antique glass beads.
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