Summer necklace

Blue Teal
Black Teal
Beige Teal
Beige Blue
Blue Blue
Black Blue
Inspired by Berber ornamentation, balmy nights and exotic lands. The use of bells and gold wrapping act as symbols of protection and ward off negative forces, whether created in our minds as fear - or through envy. 
Material Detail
Braided rope embellished with wax cotton thread
The innovative and sculptural use of locally produced and re-purposed rope.
This product weighs 47g and is 31cm long.
The Pichulik Ndebele Collection is synonymous with a distinctive, African design aesthetic, showcasing explosive colour, striking tribal and geometric motifs and statement silhouettes. Inspired by the dynamic colour combinations and beaded patterns of sub-Saharan African tribal jewellery, as well as the tactile textile arts of Sheila Hicks, the distinguishing features are loop-style rope configurations in woven static and dynamic rope, embellished with contrast wrapping and beadwork. This collection is a celebration of colour and statement sculptural form.
Pichulik is an ethical jewellery, accessories atelier based in Cape Town, South Africa. Rooted in Africa, and inspired by ancient traditions and cultures around the world, PICHULIK seeks to impart sacred feminine wisdom through its unique and intentional designs


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