Modjaji keyring

Modjaji, the hereditary Rain queen of Balobedu, people of the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Only women can inherit this powerful throne.
Material Detail
Rope embellished with wax cotton thread, copper washers and Bovine bone. Finished with custom rope closure.
(The bone is a by-product of the Madagascan Zebu cattle farmed in Madagascar)
This product weighs 53 grams and is 17 cm in length.
The Keyrings & Bag Accessories Collection is a playful combination of materials and hand embellishments distilled into a fun addition for keys, handbags, clutches and home interiors.
Born in Cape Town, Pichulik handcrafts distinctive sculptural pieces that celebrate ancient African cultures and empowering feminine narratives. We are passionately committed to recycling everything possible within our studio. We design in a way that enables us to reuse offcuts and reinvent seasonal misfits, thereby minimising our waste.