Ama neckpiece

This hero neckpiece Ama celebrates the heroines of the collection-the Ama pearl divers of coastal towns of Japan. These women free-dived in icy water , holding their breaths for up to two minutes. They looked after nested pearls, and foraged for abalone and shellfish. Ama, which directly translates as “Women of the sea”, was a group of brave working women deeply connected to the life-giving force of the ocean. The ocean and women are both governed by the moon, and this neckpiece celebrates this deep primal connection-if we are attuned, it allows us to embody all the healing , rejuvenation and something of its tides.
Black rope elegantly adorned with black and gold elliptical forms each framing a fresh-water form.
This piece is open at the back and can be tied high on the chest or low down.