Angelo's Wing necklace

This piece was inspired by the Angels of Florence – an iconic fragrance of the Santa Maria Novella house. With jasmine as one if its key notes, the neckpiece wanted to imitate the floral motif and all its symbolism. Jasmine comes from the Arabic yâsamîn, which was in turn taken from Persian. In ancient Indian texts it is referred as the flower of love and it is believed that Cleopatra met Marc Antony on a barge that had its sails perfumed with jasmine. PICHULIK Angelo’s wing expresses the romance of this flower that is at its most fragrant at night with gold thread, a metal that has come to symbolize constancy, and deep blue reminiscent of the starry skies of Giotto.
This product weighs 157g and is 35cm long.
**This piece takes 5-6 hours to produce, delivery time may be extended due to this**