Emmas Top Five Safari Experiences

PICHULIK | Top 5 Safaris South Africa
1) Singita
  • My first Singita experience took me into the heart of the Serengeti during the lush green season when the landscape is bursting with life from an abundance of rain. In contrast, the Serengeti in Winter is dry and golden but just as beautiful. I love a giraffe against dry grass colour palette!
  • My favourite Singita lodge in South African is Singita Sweni. This intimate lodge is a hidden jewel, and drawing from nature’s most striking colour palette, presents a bold, new African context for contemporary lodge design. 
PICHULIK | Top 5 Safaris in South Africa
2) Sussurro
  • My favourite thing about Sussurro has always been the completely unique African experience it offers. To have both a pristine turquoise ocean beachfront hotel but also offer safari experiences on board Sussurro’s fleet of dhows, gliding down a river teeming with bird life and home only to authentic local village communities. Not a tourist in sight!
PICHULIK | Top 5 Safaris South Africa
3) Angama Mara
  • I love how Angama Mara pays homage to Sydney Pollack’s “Out of Africa” in essence but lets a distinctive African design tell the story of the Maasai Mara’s most thoughtful and refined safari lodge. 
PICHULIK | Top 5 Safaris South Africa
4) Tswalu
  • Rich Kalahari earth. The Kalahari landscape is out of this world and the deep colours and beautiful textures that reveal themselves at different times of day are a joy to photograph.
PICHULIK | Top 5 Safaris South Africa
5) Mpala Jena
  • The flowing of water and grunting hippos form the perfect meditative soundtrack to a stay on the mighty Zambezi at Mpala Jena Zimbabwe. I could stare out all day.