Circe Lookbook

PICHULIK’s Fall Winter 2021 Circe Collection celebrates the heroic journey of Circe, one of ancient Greek mythology's most notorious protagonists. Dismissed for being a woman, derided for her ordinariness, and vilified as a witch for her ability to harness the magic of plants, Circe's story is one of awakening and discovery. Silhouettes reference the binding power of connection and nature. Shapes are repetitive and organic, with interlocking circles and chains. Polished brass connectors link ropes of varying thickness and colour. The palette is natural, terra firma - an ancient ruin, unearthing artefacts of rust, terracotta and taupe. Gemstones of jade and obsidian are combined with black and clay lava. Pieces are talismanic, inspired by mythology and folklore, and intentioned to empower the wearer.